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Welcome to your new home Winnie!

The Patrington CE Primary Academy children loved the 2022 addition to their village of ‘Winnie’ the Puffin.

Winnie, Alex Alec-Smith & our School Council

She was part of a wider circus of colourful puffins along the East Yorkshire Coast and East Riding and each puffin had been uniquely designed, created and decorated by one of many amazing puffin artists.
Winnie herself was sponsored by Alex Alec-Smith an Antiquarian bookseller who lives locally and she was designed and painted by Jemma Brown, a local Hull artist. ‘Winnie’ herself highlights the many authors and stories inspired by the flat landscapes of the Holderness and has views of Patrington, Kilnsea and Spurn and makes reference to authors Ted Hughes, JRR Tolkein, Edward Booth and Winifred Holtby.
She was treasured by our Patrington children, so much so, that when they heard of Winnie’s time in Patrington coming to an end. Ben, one of our School Council representatives, rallied the school council to support making a plea to give Winnie a new home at Patrington CE Primary!
The school council soon set to work, making posters and even running a puffin art competition to raise puffin awareness across the school. Mr Symington then began communications with Puffins Galore HQ to communicate the School Council’s desire to give Winnie a new home. Knowing that the Puffin’s often get auctioned we didn’t know if we would even stand a chance, but to help the cause the School Council coordinated the creation of a special video and this video was sent on to Alex Alec Smith (Winnie’s sponsor).
Alex then came to school to meet with the School Council just before the Easter break and she gave them some amazing news. Alex was allowing Winnie to come and live with us at Patrington School and we would be given her on a 5 year loan (so we could make sure we looked after her well!) During her visit Alex gifted the school council an amazing copy of the original puffin designs and she also gifted a wonderful copy of the Winifred Holtby book South Riding.
We were delighted when Mrs Foster, a Patrington parent, helped us bring Winnie to her new home on Thursday 18th May 2023. The children were thrilled to see her and she now has pride of place!
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