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It is critical as parents that you understand from the outset the school’s legal and moral obligations to safeguard all of our children. As a school, we will always act within the guidelines and procedures that are set out to schools. We won’t hesitate to take the steps that you as parents would expect us to take to ensure that the school is a safe and emotionally healthy place to be. Equally, if a child was ever to indicate that they were at risk of harm or in any kind of danger we would always work with the relevant outside agencies and yourselves to take any appropriate next steps. Every school is governed first and foremost by their ability to protect children and here at Patrington CE Primary Academy we are no different in taking our statutory duties very seriously. By making a choice to send your child to our school you are doing that with a full understanding of the priority that we place on taking care of all aspects of our children’s development and well-being.

Like any member of the public, we all have a responsibility to act in the best interests of child safety and to report any concerns around maltreatment or abuse if you feel concerned about a child’s welfare or safety please do go through the correct channels to get that advice and guidance. The NSPCC has a helpline that anybody can use confidentially which is 0808 800 5000.

Patrington CE Primary Academy are proud to say that we put pupil safety at the top of our agenda and will never fail to take action in the best interests of securing a child’s safety.

We believe that there are three key aspects to safeguarding and that there should be clear policies, guidance, lines of accountability and monitoring of each aspect.

These form the basis of the Academy policy and the structure of the safeguarding team in each school. The name, role and photograph of each member of staff in the safeguarding team are displayed in our school.

The three aspects are:

  • Safe children
  • Safe adults
  • Safe environment

We strive to ensure that all of our children are safe, happy and enjoy their childhoods. If you ever have any concerns about a child in our school please speak to our designated Safeguarding Lead, Mrs Pepper or, if Mrs Pepper is unavailable, our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead, Mr Ashwell.  Our Safeguarding Governor is Josie Speck.  Additionally, you can also call the Early Help team on (01482) 395500, or make a referral to social care directly on 01609 780780.  More information can be found at

For information on East Riding Safeguarding Partnership Hub and local authority arrangements for safeguarding, please see the following website links:

East Riding Safeguarding Hub

If you require any more information regarding our Safeguarding policy and procedures please do not hesitate to contact Mrs Pepper.

Patrington C of E Primary Academy are proud to say that we put pupil safety at the top of our agenda and will never fail to take action in the best interests of securing a child’s safety.

Behaviour Policy inc Anti Bullying September 2021

4B Child Protection Procedure for Staff (v2 September 2021)

4A Safeguarding First Principles inc Sexual Harassment and Abuse in Schools (V4 -September 2022) Formatted DR (1).docx

final4 Safeguarding and Child Protection Statement of Intent 2022 (V5 -October 2022)Formatted DR (1).docx (1)